Blueair Debuts Revolutionary Sense Air Purifier

Press Release   •   Oct 18, 2012 13:12 GMT

Chicago, IL, October 18, 2012 – Blueair INC, a global provider of premium indoor air purifiers, debuted their radically new Blueair Sense indoor air cleaner across the United States today. The Blueair Sense represents an impressive step forward in both technology and design.

Removing practically all allergens, viruses and other pollutants from indoor air, the Blueair Sense embraces a radical design approach and new technologies to enhance and improve the home air cleaning experience.

A world-first feature of the Blueair Sense is its unique interactive motion-sensitive tempered glass top, which delivers increased simplicity and ease of use. The futuristic top replaces the physical use of a knob, allowing users to change air-cleaning speed with simple, gentle hand movements just above the scratchproof surface, providing a richer customer experience.

The air cleaner has already won recognition in 2012 for its design innovation, including being se- lected a finalist in the first International Housewares Association Innovation Awards and winning a Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP) 2012 G-mark ‘Good Design Award’. The radical design and technology also saw the air cleaner nominated as one of 35 finalists in early October for the prestigious 2012 Swedish Design Award “Design S” out of a total 220 contenders.

“The Blueair Sense raises the bar both for home owners wanting to breathe air as pure as nature intended and those who suffer from allergies,” said Herman Pihlträd, Blueair president.

“Designed to blend seamlessly into even the most avant-garde home and office environments with a contemporary glass and steel design, the Blueair Sense employs second generation HepaSilent Plus air technology to efficiently clean indoor air of all harmful pollutants.”

The Blueair Sense is available in an enticing palette of six colors ranging from Polar White and Graphite Black to Powder Pink in a celebration of Blueair’s desire to embrace a human touch and the user’s interaction with the finished product.

Innovated with love in Sweden and designed by the globally acclaimed Swedish architecture and design studio, Claesson Koivisto Rune, the Blueair Sense has impeccable environmental creden- tials with 100% recyclable materials such as steel and glass used in its construction. And its ultra- silent fan uses less electricity than a low-energy light bulb. 

“Owners will experience years of improved wellbeing, health and pleasure with the Blueair Sense and its blockbusting, cool design that makes the unit a natural part of the modern home or small office as a fridge or vacuum cleaner,” said Herman Pihlträd.

The Sense will be initially launched in the USA through premium design channels with availability both in-stores and online. The recommended retail price is USD 479.00. Key retail partners dur- ing the initial launch phase are customer service pioneer Gracious Home and the innovative Fab. com design community. 

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