Designing tips to Boost your Sales

Press Release   •   Feb 11, 2011 19:26 GMT

Do you know that the success of your business is greatly dependent on the design of your website? Yes, It has a large impact in terms of money because it’s a deterministic factor for converting normal web visitors into real customers. Design of your website plays a major role in making your website appeal to customers. When visitors get to your site, first they will see the home page. This is your Right chance to attract your visitor or anyone who is just navigating through your site. A poorly designed website can turn away your potential sales, whereas an attractive one can make even a casual visitor turn into a potential sale. Here are some important tips that can help with your website. You will be amazed at the way it influences your revenue and return customers.

Create an attractive home page:
Don’t use your homepage as the ‘About us’ page, if you are an online retailer. You should create different pages directed for this type of information. It’s better to showcase some of your products on the main page and make it look interesting for proper leveraging of your type of business.

Give your website a professional look:
If you run an online retailer, your website speaks for you. Improve your website design and give it a revamped professional look. Don’t use colorful and funky backgrounds that are mostly preferable for the social networking site profiles. Of course, as an online retailer you should not represent your business with flowers and blinking stars. For effective results, use a solid background color and put your business logo on the top.

Review your website:
Take a close look at your own website, from the potential visitor perspective. Check does it look all cluttered up? bump off all the unnecessary items from your websites that take the focus away from your own products. This clutter could be due to excessive links and broken links, too many banners and affiliate ads. Also, remove the several photos that have nothing much to do with the site and the products and services you offer.

Make information visible:
When a visitor comes to your site, they seek for information. Don’t design your website in a way that a visitor has to hunt for the information. The price points and other important information should be clearly depicted and made visible throughout the site.

Don’t overuse flash and animation effects:
Customers will lose focus on the product that is being sold, if a website is being bombarded with so much of flash/ animation effects. Hence, it is better to use flash animation sparingly, only wherever necessary. This will help the potential customers to focus on your product or services.

Make your website as easy to navigate:
This is critically important, since not all the visitors are tech savvy. You should design your website in a simple format so that visitors can find any information with 1 or maximum 2 clicks. All the informations should be properly organized under intuitive categories. This will help the visitors to find your contact information, privacy policies, shipping and returns, newsletter sign-up and consequently increase conversions.

Make your site appealing to customers:
No matter what type of business you are running, step into the shoes of the customer and view your website. Think of the things you would like to see and implement those changes. Of course everyone will be impressed with “FREE FREE FREE” or some type of incredible discount. Without going bankrupt, give your customers what they want and offer some type of attractive discount but make sure that it is clearly visible to everyone.

Sell cross-merchandise items and seasonal products:
Usually customers have the tendency to make more purchase while you provide cross merchandise items in your retail store. You can also boost your sales by being seasonal in your offerings. Sell products on Valentines Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving and for Christmas.

No business could think of its survival, without customers. Therefore provide them with the best which you have with you so that they can have a kind of trust with you and your product. Be honest, be simple, be specific and serve with dignity and then nothing can stop your survival in the online retail world. Always it’s wise to go with the professional web design company to create your business website. Dubai Net solutions is one of the best Web Design company in Dubai which provides unique web design, web hosting, email hosting and web e-commerce services.