Difference between webdesign and web development

Press release   •   May 05, 2011 17:41 GMT

Web design in Dubai: IT professionals understand that the web development and website design are two things completely different things. Although web design and web development sounds very similar, They actually mean two different things. When we look around for someone to create your website will tell you the difference.

Web Designers (Site Designer)

Web design generally means the process of designing a website or web page layout, graphics and often of the page. The design can be developed using a graphics programs like Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Fireworks, Corel Draw, etc. and provide a framework for the appearance of a web page.

The design of the finished product usually do not contain code. Instead, the graphic representation of the website is used by another or the same party as the basis for the code. The representation is divided into zones that can be represented by the code of the web, and other areas that are purely graphic.

Often, companies and web design with web design term to refer to the overall development of a website because it is the most commonly accepted term market. However, it is important to clarify what a company before signing up for its design web services.

Web Developer (Programmer)

Web development is the art of creating websites that do things. Web sites that require registration, provide useful tools for users, providing e-commerce capabilities as a shopping cart or online payments, online forums and more. Practically everything you can imagine on the web can be created by a true professional web developer. With a web developer, you get a nice site that offers an unique experience that puts you above your competitors in the eyes of potential customers.

The web developers help you build your site once again with the invisible aspects of coding a website, known as the background and are major stakeholders in making a feature site quickly, efficiently and with greater stability. In addition, many Web developers to monitor and supervise the construction of a website since birth – Again, its up to them to build the spine of the site and ensure it works correctly.

While this process is not actually shown on the site for visitors, it is imperative for visitors to experience surfing the web – for example, a web developer can optimizes and significantly reduce load times, so that visitor cannot access anything quickly and without frustration.

Typically, a web developer is responsible for developing and coding server side applications and databases, complex transactions of electronic commerce and the optimization of search engines – obviously a web developer must ensure that they are made so accessible and useful while coded efficiently and easily handled.

Therefore, The design of a website is to give the good look and feel to the website creation and content. And on the other side. Website development with the functioning and feel of the website that large companies can afford to hire experts in graphic designs separate content production, programming and usability testing of the construction of a new website. In most other cases, the web designer and programmer of web development two different people working together to create a successful website. Therefore, a successful website must be created with proper coordination by both the designer and developer, but that does not mean the same thing.

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