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Press Release   •   Nov 12, 2011 06:13 GMT

Online funeral service: How you say the last goodbye is as individual as how you are. Our aim at Funerals to die for is to ensure that each funeral reflects your feelings as well as the life of the perished person, their culture, their personality and their achievements. The choice of funeral is of course yours. Increasingly people are considering “Eco” or ‘green’ funerals.

Eco friendly funerals are your final contribution to reducing the carbon footprint and a last chance to make a positive impact on the world you leave behind. However, there is debate within the “green” movement about what actually constitutes green or Eco friendly funerals.

It may surprise most people to know that green funerals can be much more affordable than conventional funerals. By discarding some of the unnecessary processes of conventional funerals and choosing earth friendly funeral products the cost of a funeral can be reduced. And of course will have less impact on the surroundings. Reducing the cost of a funeral also helps lessen the financial burden on loved ones.

It is possible that eco-friendly funeral arrangements can be made for any style of funeral. The easiest is replacing the traditional wood casket burial with a cardboard coffin. And these now come in many custom designs to help personalize the casket. They can be used for either burials or cremations.

You should also choose whether your eco-friendly funeral is to be buried or cremated. The green impact of either is still debated as to which is best, in fact each method has its own positive and negative points. For instance, cremation eliminates the use of toxic chemicals in the preservation of the body which eventually escape into the environment but can induce environmental damage in the smoke and toxins released into the air during cremation. Whereas ground burials are also a concern with the use of embalming fluids and using caskets which are made by non-biodegradable materials. The use of cement for headstones and burial chambers is considered non-green too. Be sure to research the options available for eco-friendly funerals as there are lots on offer these days. Eco funeral products are a thriving industry now.

Consider also whether or not to embalm. Although the embalming will not necessitate a sooner burial, it has some environmental impact. Be certain to check if the cemetery allows non embalmed remains – some don’t. Consider your burial chamber and headstone products as you may be able to avoid putting unnecessary cement into the ground. Call the local cemetery or crematorium for their guidelines.

One of the biggest growths in eco-friendly burials is the choice of casket products. It is still possible to go with a much simpler pine coffin but increasingly the recycled cardboard containers are popular. And these are often beautifully decorated or custom printed to a theme of your choice. For cremation, there are biodegradable urns available, as well as the rehashed paper spreaders. Often these are used in sea burial as they float beautifully on the water.

Also consider your requirements for funeral reef which have such a short useful purpose and can include non-eco materials. If mourners want to contribute with flowers and reefs encourage them to buy or make ‘green versions or donate the saved money to an eco charity.

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