Funeral arrangements - How to Plan a Cremation Funeral Service

Press Release   •   Nov 12, 2011 06:03 GMT

Funeral director: Planning a cremation funeral service, although tinged with sadness, can actually be one of the most beautiful services that you can have. All too often a traditional funeral service is a celebration of death. But times are changing. There are now many online services such as Funerals to Die For that encourage joyful and celebratory funeral planning. It is simply that a funeral is a celebration of life and we all deserve that surely?

So with that principal in mind, it is possible that a cremation funeral service can be planned as a celebration of life. And we hope to at least help you to have a really memorable cremation funeral service. Please read on…

Cremation services can be debatably considered as better than a traditional funeral service, since a cremation funeral service you typically will not have a body. Most people agree that the deceased’s body reminds them of death and sadness. A cremation, on the other hand can remind people of the life that the departed friend and loved one lived. Surely a much better experience for all involved.

Consider some of these ways to plan a cremation funeral service: Often people may create huge picture boards showing key moments of the dead person’s life. People will often place these picture boards next to the Urn. The urn itself is often a focus of kinship and friends get a feeling of attachment to the celebration. It’s like the deceased is there in Spirit.

It is important to know how you set a service up at the church or minister’s setting. Often the Urn is in put in front of the minister’s pulpit. So that when the minister is speaking, he refers to the Urn and people can an idea about what they would like to say about the perished when guest visitors speak or give a eulogy.

When planning a cremation funeral service you may decide that instead of flowers to have the money given to the person’s favorite charity or to medical research. You can announce this at the main gathering – it’s sure to get a positive response. If you are on a confined budget you can use some of this money towards special memorial cards with a favorite picture of the deceased or a favorite poem or a thank you for attending the service of the loved one who has passed away.

A less formal gathering after the service can lighten the mood. This get together should allow people to eat, drink and share memories of the person that they are there to honor. If you are organizing the after service do then make a point of thanking the attendees in a light manner, invite them to chat and eat. In some cultures it is the norm to have a celebration, rather than mourning. Even if the party only lifts the mood for a few hours, it will ease everyone’s tension.

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