Funeral planning – Making a Will is Part of Your Funeral Plan

Press release   •   Jun 17, 2011 00:13 +04

Funeral Plan: Making end-of-life decisions for yourself helps your family and friends cope better during their grief. You can handle these two tasks separately or together and have them reviewed by an attorney. When a loved one dies, family members and friends are often left to make decisions about the cost and expense of funeral arrangement.

More and more people are now planning and making their own funeral arrangements and even paying for them in advance. Normally, You can control the type of funeral services you will have and how much medical intervention you want through a living will. You need to plan and put your wishes in writing. You can handle these two tasks separately or together and have them reviewed by an attorney.

At first Decide the type of funeral you want, how you would like your remains to be handled. Then Visit a funeral director of your choosing and review your wishes and related costs. A per-payment often is required. Then Print any of the sample living will documents that are available on the Internet or write your own will specifying the decisions you have made with regard to your final wishes. Now, check with the attorney specializing in estate planning review your documents in light of your state’s laws.

Now, decide whether your funeral will be influenced by your religious or cultural traditions. Then it be elaborate or simple, public or private. Where there be a burial or cremation. Will your body be present at the funeral. Will there be a viewing or visitation and if so, will the casket be open or closed.

Many funeral homes offer packages which may cost less than purchasing individual items and services. Again, make sure you are provided with an itemized list. Then now notarize the documents and keep a copy with the attorney and with your health care proxy that you appointed

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