Funeral planning – Why Cremation is a Favorable Funeral Choice

Press release   •   Jun 17, 2011 00:33 +04

Funeral Arrangements: In general, the Cremation is becoming an increasingly common alternative to traditional burial. It is a simple and dignified process that utilizes heat and flame to reduce a decedent to an ashl like substance which can be then stored in an urn, scattered or buried.

The Direct cremation is when the family members of the deceased contract with a mortuary of their choice to remove the body from the location where death has occurred directly to the crematorium facility. Under this choice, there is no traditional funeral service in which the body is viewed by the family and friends of the deceased, although a memorial service of some type is usually held at a later time.

In this case, the ashes are usually returned to the family in a simple cardboard or plastic container within a few days following death and the family assumes responsibility for disposal by scattering or some other method. If the direct cremation is chosen, the family members are responsible for the disposal of the deceased’s ashes. Usually the deceased has left instructions, such as location or time of disposal, regarding their wishes as to disposal.

Some people choose cremation services as an affordable alternative to traditional burial. The Cremation also offers flexibility in planning a memorial service or ceremony as well as options for how a family chooses to memorialize their loved one. The Cremation reduces a deceased’s body to ashes and bone fragments using heat and flame. The process is performed in special cremation equipment, including a furnace and a cremulator

Some families opt to spread a loved one’s ashes at a place of special importance which depends on how people choose to memorialize their loved one. The Cremated remains are a white or grey in color and resemble the texture of sand. The Remains are then transferred to a container or an urn and given to the family or arranged for the burial.

Thus, the Cremation is considered as an environmental friendly method as it doesn’t require the use of resources to build a casket nor the use of a plot of land. In the past, some religions have discouraged the cremation but it has become an acceptable method among some denominations and in some cultures with a mainstay of the memorial process.

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