Grab the Visitors attention Instantly with custom Web Design

Press Release   •   Feb 15, 2011 20:58 GMT

When we read newspapers or magazines, very often we just scan the content once, reading just heading or sub-headings, most likely we even look at the nice pictures only. It seems that web visitors also tend to scan through the website content and pick out some individual sentences instead of reading word by word. Thus you’ve got just a few seconds to grab your prospects’ attention and a question comes up, how to impress the visitors on the first visit? Studies shows that, credibility is important for web users since they have no background information of who wrote the websites and whether the content is trustful or not. Credibility can be enhanced by high quality and professional websites, as clear navigation conveys respect for customers and an implied promise of good service.

Generating something unique and interesting to grab the web visitors’ attention should be the aim of  Custom web design. The primary objective of design is communication. Your site may serve many functions but above all it should say something. To ensure your site delivers the intended message, it makes sense to ask “what do visitors want and how can I make it easy to find?”  In this article we have given some suggestions on how you can use design flourishes to create a natural draw to what is most important,

Use White space to your advantage:
Space and proximity are very important in any form of visual communication. Without them, you just have clutter. All the care you put into creating a color scheme, custom graphics and typographic treatments won’t get more than a glance unless it can be processed. Liberal use of space and carefully balanced elements give the site a very clean appeal.

Emphasize with typography:
Elements that appear larger than their surrounding counterparts will stand out. A brief but sizable main navigation is also should be prominently displayed and by keeping that simple, they’ve guided the choice visitors can initially make – but without removing any options they know people will be looking for.

Add texture / light (or both!)
Texture and light are two timeless ways to create interest in a design. Light (or shadow) can add depth, create a specific mood or bring meaning to an element, as seen on Pixelight Creative. The lighting not only illuminates the logo, but actually symbolize it.

Examine the overall composition:
As designers we sometimes focus so intently on the details that we forget to look at the bigger picture we’re painting. Stepping back to examine your layout and whether elements are appropriately relating to one another can ensure your design gets the attention it deserves.

A design should strive to accomplish two things, funnel visitors toward what they want and promote the site’s goals. Don’t forget, people come to you for a reason. Consideration of what your objective is vs. what their expectations are will assist you in your designing decisions, and the above techniques can be used to effectively communicate what you have to offer.