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Latest Game from Bleeding Edge Studios: Summer Ice Cream Delivery Van

Press Release   •   Jun 06, 2017 10:22 GMT

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Bleeding Edge Studios' latest venture into the world of free-to-play 2D and 3D simulation games is no lightweight. Summer Ice Cream Delivery Van is a test of skill which puts the player behind the sense of a fun and exciting simulation game. The game features is truly amazing and attractive, while at the same time immersing gamers into a variety of simulations guaranteed to challenge any player in another journey in summer ice cream delivery van.

The reaction of fans everywhere was almost predictable. The Summer Ice Cream Delivery Van from Bleeding Edge Studios is going to be a huge hit on the free-to-play gaming scene. And it's all down to the rich graphics and exquisite attention to detail we've come to expect from the 2D and 3D game designers based in Dubai. The ice cream delivery van game, which adds another feather to the studio's cap, is already proving popular with gaming audiences worldwide.

Bleeding Edge Studios writes realism with a capital R. The small team of designers and software gurus are already known for their quality products. Everything from jeeps and taxis, coach busses, survival and even rickshaws have received the special Bleeding Edge Studio treatment, and all their games rate highly in the free-to-play charts. Summer Ice Cream Delivery Van looks all set to join its brothers and sisters on that pedestal.

Easy to play but hard to win

When it comes to simulation games, control is everything. Summer Ice Cream Delivery Van comes with state of the art, hyper sensitive steering which, when coupled with the real-feel sense and add-on excitement sensation make this game deceptively easy to play but notoriously difficult to master. Even veteran players of 2D and 3D simulation game play will struggle to successfully complete the challenges involved to get to the next level of play.

The bigger the challenge the better the fun

Summer Ice Cream Delivery Van is big and cumbersome. But not if it is made by Bleeding Edge Studios. With a little practice, experienced gamers will be able to steer these heavy babies like a Boss and take full advantage of the Summer Ice Cream Delivery Van has to offer.

“Bleeding Edge Studios has been around for less than a year, but already they are making big noises on the free-to-play gaming circuits with players all around the globe competing for the top slots in the high score tables. And if you haven't tried Summer Ice Cream Delivery Van yet, now’s your chance to get behind the scenes of a biggest, fun simulation game available and add your name to the top of the winner list.

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