Make killer Websites with Dubai Net Solutions

Press Release   •   Feb 11, 2011 19:31 GMT

Whether website design can make a departure in, how long people will visit your website or if they’ll stay and shop? You bet. You’ve seen the websites that scream “bad idea” and you know those folks are losing potential customers to their ineffective website design. Whether you are an internet entrant or an experienced marketer, you must know that good website design is part of the success equation. In Dubai Net Solutions we are creating killer website design with novel tactics that will invite potential customers in instead of scare them away.

We are making websites that are easy to use for an end-user, without requiring them to undergo any specialized training. A website should have clear as well as the brief guidances about usage such as menu tips, a proper navigational menu, some way to search the website and readable/viewable presentation. A site that conforms to user prospects makes visitors more comfortable and more apt to visit again and recommend the site to their friends. Good usability is critical to your site’s success.

If your website design is properly coded in standard HTML then most web browsers have accessibility features that can help people with disabilities to browser your website easily. For example if you have alt tags defined for your images then blind people can listen to the text and understand whats been displayed. We are creating websites that are usable by people of all abilities and disabilities. All the visitors can have equal access to site information and functionality by correctly designed, developed and edited website.

Search Engine Friendly:
A search engine friendly website design can not only help you get indexed on most search engines. It will also help you generate lots of traffic to your website. Websites that are designed by us will have proper meta tags and descriptions, title tags, it uses h1 and h2 tags appropriately, and has a keyword rich content and URL structure.

Social Media Ready:
Social media is a tool that can push your business and brand forward. It can be time consuming, but once implemented correctly can add a level to your business that helps build brand loyalty, and awareness which in turn can boost your bottom line. We are designing sites with social media options, that will let your visitors to share your content on their social networks.

Easily Updated:
Some of the small business websites not require frequent updates. But you should discuss this with your website design company. We will provide content management system with a website design. But most of the website design companies won’t offer content management system with a website design. So if you want to update your website content you will have to pay them to do that for you. So if you plan to keep your website regularly updated with latest offerings and news then perhaps you ask your website design company for an easy way to update your website.

Easily Maintained:
Apart from regular updates, you will need other features that will help you maintain your website easily. These other features include access to email accounts on your official domain name so that you can create email accounts for your staff or friends. We are designing easy to maintain sites and you need not pay any extra money for maintenance and other non-issues.

Our designing tactics can change your website design into something new and fresh.