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Meet the woman economist and technologist who sold GREEN to the Arabs

Press Release   •   Sep 12, 2010 06:35 GMT

Interview by Isaac Bakka, (BBC Kampala) in Dubai

She’s the wealthiest social entrepreneur in the world. She is wealthy in the true sense of the word, in her ability to empower the poor with knowledge, technology and resources.

Gill Wallace Hope is trusted by Presidents and orphans, bankers and faith leaders, green technologists and widows…she has earned that trust by remaining loyal to an international stakeholder model that recognizes the disparate needs of 29 stakeholder groups and unites them.

Hope is the woman who has sold GREEN to the Arabs. In 2007 working from Capitol Hill, Washington DC, she demonstrated a triple bottom line for UAE transforming into the first global green country.

1)    Investment for UAE,

2)    Export of self-consumed oil and gas and

3)    Reduction of environmental pollution.

She has been on the road for 663 days traveling across 14 countries and working with stakeholders across the Middle East to mobilize the regional resources to ramp up the implementation.

Her leadership is consistent with a growing trend of women technologists and minority business leaders rising to prominence and influencing international finance and investment. Forbes India is the first business magazine to feature the new face of private capital. The old stereotype of white, grey-haired, pin stripped suited money men no longer applies in the emerging markets where empathy, knowledge, solutions are the oxygen to expanding the sector.  Oxygen is invisible yet critical to the keeping the body alive and functioning.

Hope has developed a Social Investment Portfolio with 14 Programs valued at $150 billion that will improve the quality of life for more than 200 million citizens in 70+ countries.

The challenges have been great....the obstacles huge. Tackling poverty includes battling ignorance, fear, racism, sexism, plus language, cultural and religious barriers.

“Individual countries have failed to handle poverty alleviation as the resources required exist all over the world.  A ‘top down’ policy must be implemented ‘bottom up’ to unleash the creativity and resourcefulness at grassroots level.  It has to galvanize ordinary people into extra-ordinary action. The most mystical part of my leadership is to remove the ‘Berlin Walls’ in people’s minds”. Hope exclaims.

Hope has worked physically in 40 countries and on-line in 158 of the 192  countries recognized by the United Nations. Her dedication and long-term investment in emerging this new market of Social Investment has taken 30 years.

She has created the new Foreign Empowerment Policy for President Obama and the G20 that converges Foreign Policy, Economic Stimulus, Poverty Alleviation and Mass Collaboration.

The G20 are expected to adopt her Foreign Empowerment Policy at the next meeting in Korea to give them a practical policy platform from which to participate in International Public Private Partnerships that embrace scale and speed for the first time.

In September 2010 she will attend the 10th anniversary of the UN Millenium Development Goals (MDG’s).  In 2000 she attended the first UNDP meeting  bringing private sector and technology companies as partners.  In September 2005, 192 world leaders ratified a UN policy that includes ‘innovation in financing’ to achieve the Millenium Development Goals. Now in 2010, it is critical to shift from talk into action as during the recession the numbers of poor soar by the day as people focus inwards on their own sustainability.

Gordon Brown was the first Prime Minister to discuss ‘wiring the web for the global good’ in his 2009 speech at TED, Oxford. President Obama’s ‘Organizing for America’ campaign is included in Hope’s work with 44,000 unemployed youth and veterans benefiting from new green jobs.

Funds have been committed from banks and private funds in Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, France, Germany and Switzerland. Forex, Sovereign Wealth Funds and Asian funds are also joining to increase the flow of investment into this emerging sector.

In UAE she is implementing a ‘Queen of Green’ makeover for all 7 Emirates.  Building on the policies of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, she has mobilized whole sectors to ‘go green’.  Retro-fitting existing buildings will have a dramatic effect on CO2 reduction, energy savings and waste reduction.

Adopting a systems approach for UAE is vital in a country where waste is the norm and processes are not understood. “Children and youth will reverse mentor their parents to change behaviour by transferring knowledge and technologies in UAE” says Hope.

Recessions are driven by fear and booms by confidence. Economically, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are facing a similar challenge as West and East Germany did in the unification after the Berlin Wall came down.  The assets were on one side and the liabilities on the other.  In Abu Dhabi, the oil and gas assets are driving revenue and cash flow, and in Dubai the liabilities and liquidity issues are stalling the recovery and next growth wave.

Hope has met with many bankers who are like ‘deer in the headlights’ frozen by fear.  Profitable businesses in Dubai are being stalled, great new opportunities blocked. Hope says “The bankers have a fiduciary responsibility to the community in which they serve and benefit from.  If there is no capital and cash flow, the whole system coagulates. Money is must circulate to keep the body alive and healthy”.

Restoring liquidity to Dubai is critical. Hope has advised HH Shiekh Mohamed, Ruler of Dubai on a practical and fast solution to restore liquidity and confidence to Dubai.

We are an inter-connected world. All banking systems are connected globally. Capital can flow in or out of a country or region at the touch of a button.  We must return to natural laws governing our planet, health and wealth.  Man-made concepts of time, money, financial systems etc are synthetic and out of balance with our well-being.

Re-focusing on natural laws will ensure a much more prosperous approach to the quality of life.  The Quran itself has a profound environmental policy which is modern and common sense.  Humans are agents of Allah in protecting and caring for the environment.

In Islam it is against the religion to hoard money or resources that disable others from being sustainable. Ordinary people think that money has been lost but that’s not true.  The smart money is ‘parked’ in safe places waiting for the recovery; however, the fund managers and bankers tend to ignore the fact that if funds don’t flow there can be no growth or recovery. Capital and cash flow are indispensible ingredients in any economic system.

There are trillions of dollars in Foundations, Forex Funds, Sovreign Wealth Funds and Global 2000 companies whilst at the same time millions of orphans, women and youth need green and sustainable futures.  We have the green technology, supply chains, human assets, management systems and distribution to be the change we want to see in the world.  Now we must demand that our bankers play their role in funds flow, or create alternative banks run by people who understand human, social and environmental needs.

Hope concludes: “Unleashing the creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in this generation of youth and women to rebalance the planet and ensure prosperity for all is definitely the wealthiest job on Earth!”

Ambassador Hope

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