Mistakes you should Avoid in Web Design

Press Release   •   Feb 11, 2011 17:33 GMT

The most beautifully crafted website can still have a major design flaws that will drive your visitors away. The following have a  6 website design mistakes where you should avoid when creating your website.

If you want your business to grow then you need to remove the negatives from your website design. The window opportunity to attract the visitors are very small. So, everyone has their own favorite websites that they visit often. Why? Because you have confidence that you will get the information they want without wasting precious time hunting. They have a ‘relationship’ with their favorite websites and you want to build the type of ‘relationship’ with your visitors.

May be the biggest design flaw has no focus. The biggest problem with a lot of websites is that the visitors really have no clue that they are supposed to find. The home page should direct and show them exactly with the other value website holds. It needs to be alluring and entice the visitor to hang around and look at more pages.

When the pages are weighed down with text, that is fine but the length of the paragraphs has to be short  to the point. The text needs to have headlines and sub heads, short focused paragraphs, numbers and bullets, graphics and photos that are strategically placed with enough white space. Try to make the information who can share relevant to the website’s home page or start-up page. So, they cannot be anything confusing about the content or the layout because your visitor has a very short attention span and you can avail a few seconds to get their attention.

The Font look of a website must be easy to read and see. The Fonts help the backgrounds which are not acceptable. The fonts includes the Arial or Verdana with any other letter that are an automatic part of Windows. The Fancy fonts may not be visible on every computer.

Try to avoid the clutter on your site. Even if it is organized, having long segments of copy, animation, promotional offers, extra unnecessary stuff and sales pitches all have equal noise. The Visitors do not want to go for wading but all these things work with your start-up page easily.

Using advertising that is too demonstrative will turn off your visitors. The Pop-up ads are acceptable and still used a lot but they run the risk of making your visitor irritated. Most people use blockers to prevent the pop-up ads so even if the information is really important in the pop-up most will not see it anyway.

The Proper navigation issues are a big deal. If your visitor wants to see more but cannot reach your other pages you have lost them. Use a site map so your visitor can quickly see what they want to visit without wandering through unnecessary screens.