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Queen of Green to partner with Toyota

Press Release   •   Sep 12, 2010 09:40 GMT

Toyoda the inventor of Toyota was an orphan and Queen of Green is partnering with Toyota to provide 8,664 pick-up trucks which will be used to clear the land and build the foundations for 2,166 green communities across Africa and 1,333 for India.

Gill Wallace Hope, founder and CEO of Queen of Green is also an orphan. As an economist and green technologist she has designed the system and raised funds from the private sector to pay for the Programs.

She invented the Foreign Empowerment Policy for President Obama and G20 leaders to converge Foreign Policy, Economic Stimulus, Poverty Alleviation and Mass Collaboration.

She believes in the latent talent and resourcefulness of the poorest of the poor and has dedicated her life to restoring dignity to the poor through social investment and empowerment.

Toyota will customize the Queen of Green pick up’s, ship 4 trucks to each site and provide training centers in each country for orphans to learn service and maintenance skills.

The ingredients for the self-sustaining green communities arrive in containers and are assembled by the local community to provide a green and sustainable future for 6,000 orphans, caregivers and professional staff.

They include a growing program for food security. Healthcare and education to keep the orphans healthy and prepare them to work in the global economy.

Micro-enterprises and cooperatives leveraging the natural resources into international products for local, regional and global markets are also included in what is the largest mass collaboration to alleviate poverty and provide communities with the knowledge, technologies and resources for a green and sustainable future.

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