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Sharjah wins emergency investment to accelerate its green transformation

Press Release   •   Sep 12, 2010 10:19 GMT

Gill Wallace Hope, CEO of Queen of Green is investing $1 bn in UAE which includes $850 million to makeover 70 buildings across the 7 Emirates. She and her team have completed 4 years of Policy work and 13 months of planning on the ground in UAE.

“UAE is perfect for a total transformation” she says “The Chinese have the same word for crisis and opportunity.  For the first time since the mid-70’s UAE is focused on costs, savings and’s time for the green economy to emerge to empower the unemployed youth, women…to transform each building and all processes to be green and sustainable”.

Hope has agreed emergency funding for Sharjah which has experienced the worst blackouts this summer with record temperatures, economic losses, food and health security breakdowns. 10 buildings in Sharjah have been selected for a full Queen of Green makeover which addresses 12 processes to reduce waste, costs and pollution simultaneously. A Queen of Green makeover can reduce energy costs by up to 85% , take the stress off the grid and free-up electricity for the manufacturing sector.

Hussein Mohammed Al Mahmoudi, Director General, SCCI, said, "The world today is faced with many challenges brought about by pressing concerns like climate change and population growth. These challenges have prompted a call for action and unity--encouraging the development and maintenance of stronger working relationships between the private sector, government agencies, authorities and the local community. What we need today is to implement radical changes in the technologies we use and focus on the development of green technology, policies and strategies to help achieve a more balanced and sustained growth for the UAE in general and Sharjah in particular.

The 10 buildings in Sharjah that have been selected for a Queen of Green makeover are:

1)      Sharjah Ladies Club

2)      Sharjah Chamber of Commerce International

3)      Sharjah Islamic Bank – Head office

4)      Sharjah Airport

5)      Gold Souk

6)      Al Shuwaiheen Fashion Co-operative (2 streets)

7)      Sharjah Museums ( 16 buildings)

8)      One  Factory

9)      one Nursery School and one Secondary School

10)   American University of Sharjah

Queen of Green is also partnering with Sharjah Islamic Bank to provide Shari’a compliant, Fair Trade, Green Loans for home owners, property investors and businesses in Sharjah.  The Green Loan will be repayable in 3, 5 or 10 years with a guaranteed, fixed interest so citizens can go green now and not fear arbitrary interest or loan increases. Mohammed Abdulla, CEO of SIB is the leader in UAE for attracting inter-bank and wholesale funds for lending to customers to grow their businesses. SIB closed on $200 million of wholesale funds in August 2010, the first UAE bank to achieve this since 2007.  With Queen of Green loans specifically for green makeovers, SIB are in a strong position to attract new business clients and fuel the next growth curve in Sharjah.

By transferring the knowledge, processes and technologies we can accelerate the speed of ‘going green’ and the benefits to the community, economy and sustainable tourism.

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