Tips On Organizing A Funeral

Press Release   •   Feb 16, 2011 21:18 GMT

When loved ones pass away, you’ll want to make sure that they have the funeral they deserve. If the perished loved one had clear instructions regarding their funeral it will help with some of the decision making. Here are the main aspects you need to consider when Planning a Funeral.

When someone dies, family members, kin relatives and friends may like to see the body of their perished loved one. Showing can assist with the resolution of sorrow. It can help people accept that death has occurred. Each family member’s viewpoint on visitation or showing may be different, and this is a very personal decision. The best option in most cases is to leave the option of tribulation open to an individual’s own emotional needs. Before or shortly after death some people may be adamant that they do not wish to view the deceased, then change their mind a short time later. By showing, all family members’ individual emotional needs can be met.

Flowers and notices:
In most of the cultures, it is traditional that friends and family pay their respects by sending flowers or making a donation to charity. Funeral services also will organize flowers for you. On your behalf, they can also collect, record and distribute donations to charity. The obituary notice will announces the death and funeral details and also can be like a tribute to the person who has perished, by perhaps containing a verse. Some people like to place acknowledgment notices in the newspaper after the funeral, thanking people who have supported them. Some people also like to compile a book of compliments, reflections and memories about the person who has perished, written by family and friends attending the service or afterward.


You’ll need to decide on the size and makeup of the entourage (the hearse and the cars following it). Other questions should include:

  • Will it be a standard, motorbike, car or horse-drawn hearse?
  • Where will the entourage leave from?
  • Will it take a special route?
  • Will you need wheelchairs for elderly or disabled mourners?
  • Where will you return to after wards?

Bearing the coffin:
Some families would like to bear the coffin themselves at the ceremony, instead of the staffs of funeral services. Bearers may be friends, family members or colleagues of the perished .

Now most of the people like to play specific pieces of music during the funeral. Funeral services will guide you on this and make the appropriate arrangements for you.

Eulogy is when someone pays tribute to a person’s life by saying a few words that will help to commemorate that person at the service. You can prepare a speech yourself for this, or you may prefer to read a favorite poem or passage.

Burial or cremation?
Decisions on whether you choose a burial or cremation will largely be influenced by family tradition and religion rather than environmental issues but it is worth knowing the effects of your decision. Burials provide a place for loved ones to visit and spend time with the deceased and this is not to be underestimated, particularly relevant for people who have family members and close friends living locally. Cremation is conceived to be more environmentally friendly than burial.

These are the usual options to consider. Other possibilities can be discussed with your Funeral Services Provider.