Types of Funeral Flowers

Press Release   •   Feb 16, 2011 21:03 GMT

Flowers play a significant role in cultures throughout the world, especially when it comes to expressing condolences for the demise of a friend or an loved one. Funerals or other kinds of melancholic occasion require the use of appropriate flowers. Deciding which to choose entails knowing the meaning of the flower, as well as the meaning of its color. Out of the hundreds of thousands of flowers in existence, there are many that fit into appropriate funeral arrangements.

Daffodil is an attractive and cheerful looking flower, makes appearances in a wide variety of bouquets and flower arrangements. Popularly grown in sunny gardens throughout the world, it also has applications in sympathy or funeral bouquet arrangements. It’s meanings are various. For example, in Chinese culture, daffodils are good luck when kept indoors, and generally when a gift of a bunch of daffodils is given, it symbolizes happiness and friendship. But a single daffodil laid in a sympathy bouquet symbolizes misfortune, making it a useful addition to a funeral bouquet.

Hydrangea flowers swash flamboyant clusters of fluffy blossoms, making the flowering sections of the plant resemble floral pompoms. The flowers’ meanings are various, from boastful to romantic. It is the symbolic flower of a person’s fourth wedding anniversary, and it is also often used in apology bouquets. But hydrangea flowers also typify sincerity and heartfelt emotion of any type, depending on the color. Two or three purple hydrangea clusters, added to a funeral arrangement, inspires feelings of sympathy and love for those who have passed.

The iris plays an important role in cultures throughout the world. In ancient Greece, they were planted on the graves of women in order to guide them to heaven, and the French monarchy referred to them as fleur-de-lis. When added to a sympathy bouquet as a funeral flower, the iris symbolizes faith and wisdom.

The flower most associated with funerals, the lily symbolizes the souls of people who have passed on. Calla lilies in particular are mostly used in funeral flower arrangements. The color white, associated with purity, is the most common color of lily found in funeral bouquets.

Chrysanthemum is one of the most conventional type of funeral flower. They are in divers flag including old, tan, someone and chromatic. For wreaths, they are indeed the favorite. They are also real just for inclination inflorescence arrangements.

Other favorite conventional blossom is carnation. Carnation flowers can also be termed as “Flowers of the god’ or ‘Flowers of love’. Its timbre comes from the powerfulness of lasting for a longest instant. Red, white and pink are popular colors. They are marvelously striking when commixed with remaining flowers.

roses are climbing or bushy perennials with thorny stems and varying shapes and colors of flowers. All have a unique rose scent. Rose are a wonderful choice as a casket spray.

Funeral flowers can be any type of flower or color of flower that the perished and family identify with, and they are usually arranged in ways that make them look grand and stately.