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“HOW CAN WE?” Podcast will be launched global in January 2020 - with NAVID MODIRI

Press release   •   Nov 07, 2019 07:45 CET

How can we? - podcast, Navid Modiri


Two years ago a small group of Swedish friends started a podcast with the purpose to inspire and challenge the Swedes to talk to each other.


“ We invited politicians, activists, religious leaders, influencers and academics to help us to explore human cooperation through curious and brave long form conversations. We have talked to ex-nazis, socialists, centrists, deplatformed influencers, holocaust-sceptics, right wing nationalists, philosophers, female imams, spiritual leaders, self-named racists, death-threatened artists, cannabis activists, sex workers, priests and animal-rights fighters.

Two years have passed, and we have learned so much about the art of conversation. Now we want to invite more people and more countries to join the conversation. That is why we are ready to launch “How Can We?” on a global scale.

The first stop of our trip is Los Angeles. When we first started the podcast, we were inspired by Joe Rogan and his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience where he invites all kinds of people to have long form conversations about subjects varying from democracy, freedom of speech, activism to psychedelics, personal development and comedy. During January of 2020 we will fly to Los Angeles and invite smart, inspiring and thought-provoking people to talk to us in the podcast.

This is the beginning of a movement. The stop in LA is a way to pay tribute to the people who have inspired us to become conversation activists. We need your help and support to find these people. We wish to travel all over the world and have conversations with people from different tribes, religions and political views. We will seek out those hard and complex conversations to be had.

We will be curious and brave. Because whatever happens, we can not stop talking to each other, because it's then that it's really over.

The conversation must continue.” - Navid Modiri.


Navid Modiri is born in 1983 in Tehran, Iran and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden. Navid has been working as a host on Swedish public radio and television. He has released several albums, books and is the founder of multiple creative projects and initatives and is an appricitiated inspirational speaker.

“How Can We?”is a podcast set out to explore curious conversations worldwide;



Contact: Agent Franke / Patricia Franke

0046-739 33 49 50

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