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Isa Molin releases new atmospheric synth-pop track "The Reason"

Press Release   •   May 31, 2018 22:28 -12

“My new single ‘The Reason’ is about that moment when your wholehearted naivety disappears in a heartbeat. I’m talking about the first time someone lets you down, and you realize that love isn’t all roses and sunshine, but also heartbreaks and sadness. And once you realize this - you can’t go back. Thereafter, you can’t help but to be more on your guard, more suspicious and not as easily swept off your feet” Isa Molin says about her new track.

Isa Molin is the hyped songwriter who was mentioned as Sweden’s future hope in songwriting during The Swedish Music Publishers Association’s Prize 2016, and who has worked with legendary songwriters all over the world - from Stockholm to London, from Nashville to LA.

Among the legends, there is Sasha Skarbek, who wrote Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’. When Isa Molin was nineteen years old, Sasha Skarbek heard her demos and invited her to London to work in the legendary studio Kensal Town for a couple of months. After an inspiring learning period, Isa Molin never stopped writing and she has already managed to create an impressive song collection, consisting of the Swedish Idol winner song 2015 ‘Can’t Hold Me Down’, and songs written for artists such as Medina and Robin Stjernberg.

With a praised past of writing for others, Isa Molin is now ready to go all-in on her own solo project - where she creates everything from scratch. In true DIY spirit, she doesn’t only function as a songwriter - she also functions as a producer, singer and artist. The follow-up to her poppy debut single ‘Truth About Us’, is a more darker and synthy tune called ‘The Reason’.

“It’s a pretty sad thing, isn’t it? Growing up and losing all that blue-eyedness and naivety. ‘The Reason’ is a pretty angry song, directed towards that person who destroys your innocence in a second.”

The synth-poppy song has an atmospheric 80’s vibe to it, with its catchy choruses, dancy melodies, and dark touch.

Listen to: Isa Molin - The Reason.

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