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100 litres milk for each Dane

Press Release   •   Jul 21, 2000 12:01 CEST

The average Dane last year drank 22.5 litres full-cream milk, 54.2 litres of semi-skimmed milk and 18.9 litres skimmed milk per year according to recently published dairy statistics for the calendar year 1999. This is 7 per cent less full-cream milk, but 13 per cent more skimmed milk than the previous year.

When semi-skimmed milk is taken into account, Danes have not changed their overall milk consumption during the year, i.e. 95.6 litres. When buttermilk is included, consumption totals 100 litres. The total for all fresh milk products when yoghurt, cream, crème fraiche etc. are brought into the equation is 134 kg. per inhabitant.

Although in international terms these statistics are respectable, consumption in Finland and Ireland is much higher at 185 and 175 kg. respectively. Assessments of Swedish consumption varies between 149 and 157 kg.

During the year, Danes increased their cheese consumption by 1.5 kg, i.e. an average of 17.9 kg. cheese per year per person. The equivalent figure for Sweden is 17.2 kg per person. As cream and butter consumption continues to decline, it seems that the health authorities' recommendations regarding less fat intake are being followed by consumers.

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