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4000 types of butter and cheese

Press Release   •   Nov 16, 2000 14:58 CET

Contacts were made and opinions exchanged when 275 sales executives from across the world became acquainted with the Production Division’s staff and products at the Scandinavian Congress Centre.

Following the MD/Arla merger the Production Division is now responsible for more than 4,000 different types of products and packaging. As the division produces 473,000 tons cheese and butter at 42 dairies in Denmark and Sweden a year, even the best account manager can find it a challenge to keep abreast of all developments.
This is why Arla Foods’ 275 sales executives from across the world joined an internal marketing meeting on Wednesday when the Production Division presented a broad range of products. The event, dubbed ABC day (Arla Butter and Cheese) took place at the Scandinavian Congress Center in Århus.
“Since the merger, there has been tremendous internal interest in our range,” said Niels Hansen, who is in charge of product management at the Production Division. “As many members of the sales staff are unfamiliar with the full range, the aim was to provide an overview and build a bridge between the sales organisation and production.”
Participants also had an opportunity to see and taste the products and talk to dairy managers and product developers. While former MD sales executives were particularly interested in the Swedish product portfolio, the Swedes were briefed on the Danish butter and cheese range.
“The Danish and Swedish ranges complement each other well, particularly within the fats area. MD was particularly strong in the butter market, e.g. Lurpak, while the Swedes have developed strong low-fat products,” explained Niels Hansen.

The moulded cheese stand included the Swedish Kvibille and Danish Danablu. Following the merger the number of varieties within specific cheese types has increased dramatically.