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An excellent year for Lurpak

Press Release   •   Dec 22, 2000 15:42 CET

Despite the butter surplus in international markets, 1999/00 was an excellent year for Lurpak.

The good results are primarily due to the positive development in the rate of the US dollar and Sterling.
“We’re hopeful that the current development will continue,” said Butterdane Chairman Bendt Bendtsen in his report to the company’s AGM last Friday.
Butterdane, whose results are part of Arla Foods’ financial accounts, is the joint sales company for six Lurpak dairies and in 1999/00 Arla Foods supplied 92 per cent of its products.
Once again, UK was Butterdane’s largest market in 1999/00 when Lurpak’s market share rose from 31 per cent to 34 per cent, briefly reaching 38.8 per cent during a major marketing campaign. This was twice that of the closest competitor with a market share of 19.4 per cent.
The second main market is the Middle East where Lurpak has a market share of approximately 54 per cent.