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Arla – a household name in the Nordic countries

Press Release   •   Feb 14, 2002 12:40 CET

Ask a Dane or Swede to name a dairy brand, and the overwhelming answer is ”Arla.”

In the rest of Europe, however, the name of the Danish-Swedish dairy giant is less familiar to consumers.

These are some of the findings in a survey of six European countries undertaken by the international Millward Brown institute on behalf of Arla Foods.
In Denmark 70% of respondents put Arla at the top of their list when asked to name a dairy company while 82% of the population are familiar with the name. In Sweden the corresponding figures are 82% and 95%.

By contrast, in large export markets such as the UK, Germany and Saudi Arabia, the name’s recognition factor is around 1%. Here, however, consumers are aware of individual brand names such as Lurpak, Buko and Three Cows (Saudi Arabia).
”The survey confirms the importance of building the Arla brand name in countries where we remain unknown to consumers,” said Håkan Stolt, Director of Group Marketing who commissioned the survey.

In Denmark, Sweden and Finland the survey also asked respondents ”How satisfied are you with Arla?” On a scale from 1 to 10 Denmark achieved an average of 7.6, Sweden 7.4 and Finland 7.3. ”The figures are as good as they can possibly be,” said Stolt.