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Arla brand spreads across Europe

Press Release   •   Oct 31, 2002 12:42 CET

The next few weeks will see the first products carrying Arla Foods' new brand appearing on the shelves of European stores.

The red Arla brand is an integral part of the packaging for cream cheese, feta, shredded cheese and a range of sliced cheese - products which are of great strategic importance to Arla Foods' European activities. Intended as the overall umbrella brand for a variety of Arla Foods' products in European markets, the aim is to establish a stronger identity for one of Europe's leading manufacturers of dairy products.

"With a few exceptions, we're still generally very small in a branded product context in Europe," says Jørgen Staarup Christensen, Marketing Manager, the Europe Division. "Consequently, we wish to focus on one brand in order to achieve maximum impact in individual markets."

The new Arla brand was first launched in April in the Danish and Finnish markets. Certain sliced cheeses from Arla Foods' dairy in Poland now also carry the red Arla brand.

Packaging changes will be implemented towards the end of the year.