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Arla Foods buys remaining shares in Finnish Arla Ingman

Press Release   •   Aug 22, 2008 15:02 CEST

"Milk form the wise cow"

Arla Foods has acquired the remaining 70 per cent of the shares in the Finnish company, which now becomes a fully owned subsidiary. By developing local operations and focusing on added value, Arla Foods is driving growth in Finland.

Eighteen months ago, Arla Foods acquired 30 per cent of the shares in Finland’s second largest dairy company, the privately owned Ingman Foods, with the option to acquire the remaining shares within three years.

”We have spent the time getting to know the Finnish market and strengthening our contacts with the Finnish milk producers. We’re now taking the final step,” says Hans-Åke Hammarström, head of Arla Foods’ Nordic operations.

The acquisition has been a long time in the making, and by dividing it into two parts, Arla Foods has been able to establish itself gradually in the Finnish market. Furthermore, this has increased awareness among milk farmers, customers and consumers that Arla Foods is a local company.

Robert Ingman, Managing Director of Arla Ingman, believes strongly in the combination of local support and top quality imported products from Sweden and Denmark.

“Everything has gone according to plan, and we can now concentrate fully on becoming number two in Finland with our large product portfolio. It feels good to be a part of Arla Foods’ Nordic organisation. Arla Foods is a big and strong company that provides our employees with many opportunities for development,” says Robert Ingman.

The acquisition of the remaining shares is not expected to bring about any structural or staff changes in Finland.

Arla Ingman in Finland

  Arla Ingman has an approx. 20 per cent share of the Finnish market for dairy products. Valio is the market leader.
  The main office is in Sibbo near Helsinki.
  43 per cent of the production is centred at six dairies owned by Arla Ingman. 57 per cent of the production takes place at dairies under contract with Arla Ingman.
  Approx. 1,300 dairy farmers supply Arla Ingman.
  20 per cent of weighed in milk is supplied by milk producers under direct contract with Arla Ingman. 50 per cent of the farmers are members of a dairy association or a dairy company under contract with Arla Ingman. 30 per cent of all the milk is bought from Valio.
  The most profitable products are yoghurt, lactose-free products and cheese from Denmark and Sweden.