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Arla Foods launches new type of milk

Press Release   •   Jan 19, 2001 15:44 CET

 For the first time since the introduction of semi-skimmed milk in 1973, a new type of milk is being launched in Denmark.
Called “Minimilk”, the new product is a low-fat version of semi-skimmed milk. With 0.5 per cent fat, Minimilk slots in between skimmed milk (0.1 per cent fat) and skimmed milk (1.5 per cent fat).
“Although consumers are now opting for low-fat milk, increasing numbers, particularly among young people, have stopped drinking milk altogether because they think skimmed milk lacks flavour,” explained Karsten Jeppesen, Product Manager, Denmark Division. “We’ve tried to address this issue with Minimilk which, as well as containing 66 per cent less fat than semi-skimmed milk, has the right milky taste.”
Minimilk will be sold under the Harmonie brand – the first time a product is launched in an organic version first.
“Consumption of skimmed milk is high among organic consumers,” added Karsten Jeppesen. “This is why we believe there is a market for low-fat, tasty, organic milk. At the same time, we want to continue to promote organic products. Currently, almost one in four litres of milk sold in Denmark is organic. Not many countries can claim a similarly high proportion.”
Harmonie Minimilk will be available in shops from mid-February.