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Arla Foods launches red mould cheese in Denmark

Press Release   •   Nov 09, 2001 11:15 CET

Arla Foods has launched a new, mild mould cheese, “Høng Gyldenrød,” in the Danish market.

“As consumer interest in this type of cheese rises at Christmas and Easter when sales may increase by up to 40%, this is a good time to launch the product,” explained Project Manager Morten Hansen, Division Denmark.

“Dessert cheeses in general have enjoyed increased sales as consumers look for greater variety. In addition, red mould cheese is a fairly new concept in the Danish market.”

A version of Høng GyldenRød, produced by a French dairy, was sold in Denmark between the spring of 2000 until this summer, when Arla Foods decided to take full control of production, logistics and distribution.

Produced at Troldhede Dairy, Høng GyldenRød is sold in squares and comes in 200g packs.
GyldenRød may be launched in Norway and Sweden at a later stage.