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Arla Foods supplies cream cheese to Pizza Hut

Press Release   •   Oct 21, 2004 16:28 CEST

International Foodservice, part of the Denmark Division, has developed a new and exciting product for the world’s largest pizza chain, Pizza Hut.

The finger-sized cheese sticks, which are baked into the pizza crust for the chain’s Stuffed Crust pizzas, are made from cream cheese. The pizza dough is rolled out and five 18 cm long cheese sticks are placed along the rim, which is then rolled up for the cheese to be baked into the crust.

“We’re very satisfied with the result and the product is a good example of how International Foodservice has succeeded in developing a cross-divisional product,” says Bjarne Oldager Kusnitzoff, Business Unit Manager, International Foodservice Business Unit, Denmark Division.

Buko on the menu
From October 1, campaigns will be running in Germany and Denmark for 9 weeks and in Sweden, Iceland and Finland for 13 weeks. For the trial period, the cheese sticks will be a competitor to Pizza Hut’s traditional mozzarella, which is baked into the Stuffed Crust pizzas.

Arla Foods has significant market shares of cream cheese in Germany where the Buko brand is strong. Success with Front-of-House branding means that the Buko brand will feature on Pizza Hut menus.

The cream cheese sticks are produced at Vrinners cream cheese dairy. International Foodservice has leased the production machinery for six months, thus limiting the financial risk.

“It has been a challenge to work with Pizza Hut,” says Bjarne Oldager Kusnitzoff. “We’ve learned a lot and the result is highly satisfactory and promising.”

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