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Arla Foods welcomes Polish Yes to EU

Press Release   •   Jun 12, 2003 13:38 CEST


“The Polish voters’ Yes to the EU is a major pre-condition for Arla Foods’ continued development in Poland,” says Regional Director Frede Juulsen, Arla Foods.
“As Poland’s EU membership from June next year makes it easier for us to sell our products in the Polish market, we expect to increase sales of cream cheese and mould cheese over the coming year,” he adds.
In December, Arla Foods announced its intention to strengthen its involvement over and above the current cheese dairy in North West Poland.
“We expect that, over the next year, Poland’s economy will develop along the lines of Germany’s. This will mean more cheese imports,” said Frede Juulsen who believes Arla Foods should have greater local involvement with more local cheeses in the portfolio.
Last week, Arla Foods launched a sliced cheese, Smetinova, which is made at Arla Foods’ Polish dairy.
The Polish retail trade is dominated by the large number of small shops which account for 65% of retail sales. However, foreign multiples such as Tesco, Carrefour and Makro (the German Metro) continue to gain ground.

Arla Foods’ dairy in Poland produces 5,000 tons cheese per year. It also produces the recently launched sliced cheese.