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Arla’s products make a difference

Press Release   •   Jul 01, 2004 15:48 CEST


From Monday, German milk will be available at Dansk Supermarked’s stores.

Milk producer and Supervisory Board member Jan Nørgaard who farms in Skærbæk near the Danish/German border, has no complaints about German milk being available to Danish consumers.

“I’m all for free competition and regard Europe as one large market,” says Jan Nørgaard. “Arla Foods is a major exporter so it’s no good trying to protect the Danish market and hope we can avoid competition from our neighbours.

“We shouldn’t complain about the competition, but use it to give us the necessary strength to compete in the European and, indeed, the global market,” he adds.

Jan Nørgaard believes that it’s now more important than ever that Arla Foods communicates its quality programme, The Arla Dairy Farm, and explains its importance to consumers.

“With The Arla Dairy Farm, Arla Foods demonstrates that product responsibility goes beyond the dairy,” he says. “We farmers make a difference because we have agreed to set up rules and regulations for our production through The Arla Dairy Farm quality programme.”

“Our message to consumers is that milk is not just milk,” says Anne With Damgaard, Denmark Division’s Marketing Director. “Arla Express Milk constitutes the shortest route from farm to shop. It takes just 12 hours from the time the milk is collected from the farm until it arrives in the stores.”
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