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Coca-Cola launches milk drink

Press Release   •   Jun 02, 2003 14:19 CEST

After more than two years’ preparation, the world’s largest soft drinks manufacturer, Coca-Cola is about to launch a milk drink in the US.

The milk drink, Swerve, will consist of at least 50% milk and will be available in three flavours – cocoa, banana-vanilla and blueberry. Two trial products will be withdrawn from the market.

According to the news agency Reuters, Coca-Cola’s milk drink is expected to gain market share from sales to schools where sales of soft drinks are under increasing pressure. The new milk drink will be launched in July and August, just before the American schools open after the summer holidays.

Coca-Cola’s arrival in the milk market comes after the Group began to target schools and young consumers a couple of years ago. The moves follows criticism from nutritionists who associate soft drinks with obesity and other illnesses in children and young people.

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