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Cravendale - a genuine success story

Press Release   •   Jul 08, 2004 17:50 CEST

The UK market is Arla Foods’ most successful market and one of the outstanding success stories is Cravendale milk which recorded an advance in sales of no less than 23% in the first half of the current financial year.

The success is the reason why approx. DKK 220 million will be invested in production facilities for Cravendale at the new Arla Foods’ dairy at Stourton outside Leeds.

Cravendale is currently only produced at the Arla Foods’ Hatfield Peverel dairy in Essex where a special filtration process allows all nutrients to be filtered while removing bacteria that may cause the milk to be sour. As a consequence, Cravendale milk will keep for up to 20 days unopened and 7 days after opening.

”The filtration also gives the milk a fuller and purer flavour, which is a very attractive sales argument,” says Stuart Ibberson, Cravendale’s brand manager. “Cravendale, therefore, has the ultimate fresh milk taste and will undoubtedly be at the forefront of the future development of milk products.

Stuart Ibberson welcomes the decision to expand Cravendale production.

”The Hatfield dairy simply doesn’t have enough capacity to produce sufficient volumes of Cravendale.”

Cravendale was recently listed at 89 Waitrose stores, which put high priority on service and high quality food products.

Although Cravendale is a young brand, all major supermarkets now sell Cravendale alongside their fresh milk products.

As the only fresh milk brand which is available nationwide, Cravendale has achieved a market share of 3% of the UK’s fresh milk market. Sales are now around the DKK 600 million mark.