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Dairies filled with the festive season

Press Release   •   Nov 09, 2001 11:03 CET


At a time when Christmas catalogues are starting to drop on to the doormat, some of Arla Foods dairies have already been preparing for Christmas for some time.

At Slagelse Dairy in Denmark the aroma of rice pudding pervades the air as staff busy themselves with the annual production of ris à l’amande desserts of which 60% of annual sales occur in November and December. This year a 600g variety will be available.

Tyrstrup Dairy has also captured the Christmas spirit. Last Friday the dairy started production of the Christmas drink, Egg-Nog, an egg-punch made from beaten egg, milk, sugar and rum. Egg-Nog is produced exclusively for export markets.

In Sweden, Kallhäll, Karlskrona and Jönköping dairies have ordered the packaging for Arla Foods’ Christmas milk for the Swedish market. Christmas milk, which is normally sold under the name Old-fashioned Milk has a natural fat content of between 3.8 and 4.5 %. Used for traditional Christmas porridge, sales of Christmas Milk rise sixfold in the pre-Christmas week.

Arla Foods in the UK is also getting into the Christmas spirit. Arla Foods' dairy in Leeds is currently busy producing the special cream with rum which many British consumers enjoy with their classic Christmas puddings.

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