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Danes love their cocoa milk

Press Release   •   Jul 15, 2004 20:33 CEST


Danish consumption of cocoa milk has seen increases in recent years

Last year the Danes consumed more cocoa milk than ever before. Between 2001 and 2003 consumption rose by slightly more than 35 %, the greatest ever rise. In 2003, consumption of cocoa milk totalled 54 million litres and indications are that the trend is set to continue as the market leading brand, Matilde, has recorded an additional 16 % rise in the first half year.

Product Manager Susanne Klemp points to several reasons behind the increasing popularity of cocoa milk.

”The growth in consumption is partly driven by promotions for cocoa milk. Retailers support such promotions because special offers on cocoa milk attract shoppers. Another element is that cocoa milk is now consumed on a year round basis, not only during the autumn and spring half-term breaks.”

The strongest seller remains the traditional Matilde cocoa milk in 1 litre cartons although recent products such as the organic Økologisk Matilde, Matilde Café in glass bottles and Arla Mini in plastic bottles are also doing well. The same is the case with ½ litre cartons and bottles for convenience shops such as filling stations. Recent media publicity regarding cocoa milk’s muscle building properties has also had an impact.

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