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Douglas stolen and found

Press Release   •   Jun 21, 2000 19:05 CEST

The 60 meter high hot-air balloon, which is travelling the UK to promote Lurpak, was stolen yesterday afternoon in Wandsworth, London.
The balloon is shaped like a pack of Lurpak with Douglas astride. Douglas is a well-known character in the UK for his tv commercials for Lurpak.
The balloon was packed in a trailer, and the whole trailer was stolen from a parking lot.
A press release was issued at once and a reward of £1000 was offered to the person finding Douglas.
Several newspapers and radio stations picked up the story this morning and the good news is that both balloon and trailer have now been recovered.
The huge balloon appears at almost all large country shows and at many balloon festivals in the UK during the summer. It is also represented when large Arla Foods' customers, e.g. the large multiples, open new stores.