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Exports to Saudi Arabia resume

Press Release   •   Jul 28, 2000 12:36 CEST

Arla Foods' products are now returning to the shelves of Saudi supermarkets following a several months' long import ban on Danish dairy products. The ban has primarily affected cheese in glass containers, butter and UHT cream.

"The authorities have complied with all agreements and we've now asked the whole of our salesforce to return from holidays by August 1 so that we can regain the lost sales as soon as possible," says Divisional Director of the Overseas Division, Finn Hansen.
Finn Hansen does not expect to have a full overview of the losses stemming from the Saudi import ban caused by one case of BSE in a Danish dairy herd until the autumn. It is, however, clear that the Saudi import ban has led to a loss of turnover in the region of DKK 250 million. The exact loss of earnings, believed to be well in excess of DKK 10 million, can only be calculated later.
"Since our competitors have been very active during our absence from the market," we face a substantial task," adds Finn Hansen.