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Express Dairies plc in brief

Press Release   •   Mar 27, 2003 18:01 CET

With annual milk supplies of 1.4 billion litres milk and a turnover last year of DKK 9.3 billion, Express Dairies plc is the UK’s second largest dairy group. Fresh milk and cream account for almost all the company’s business operations.

Express Dairies is not only the UK’s largest supplier of fresh milk to the leading multiples, but also the largest provider of doorstep sales (to more than 1.5 million homes nationwide). The milk is processed at 8 plants of which one is in Scotland.

Express Dairies has 5,200 employees
Arla Foods plc in brief

Arla Foods has been involved in milk production in the UK since 1990 when the then MD Foods International acquired the UK’s fifth largest dairy company, Associated Fresh Foods with 5 dairies and annual milk supplies 400 million kg milk. Subsequent acquisitions have brought the total to 900 million kg milk so that Arla Foods is now the UK’s fourth largest milk purchaser. The company operates six processing plants.

Arla Foods UK plc is also responsible for 105,000 tons processed products, including the Lurpak and Anchor butter brands, primarily from Denmark. Arla Foods plc, which has a workforce of 2,050, had a turnover of DKK 6.1 million in the financial year 2001/2002.

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