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Extra measures against Foot and Mouth in Yorkshire

Press Release   •   Aug 03, 2001 13:02 CEST

Since Tuesday, inspectors from the British Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food have joined Arla Foods’ milk tankers in and around Thirsk in Yorkshire, where the group has a large number of milk suppliers. The inspectors ensure that the tankers are washed and disinfected between visits to the farms.

The same measures apply to trucks transporting feed to the area’s 2,700 farms.
The measures aim to reduce the risk of the dreaded disease from spreading to a large area to the south, which has so far been free of Foot and Mouth and to East Yorkshire with its many large herds of pigs. For this reason only tankers and trucks with special licences may move between farms in the area.
The ministry is concerned that an outbreak of the disease in these areas could initiate a second epidemic after the recent decline in the number of new Foot and Mouth cases to the present numer of 3-4 cases a day. Since February 20, Foot and Mouth has been registered at 1,900 UK herds of which 1,200 are herds which account for 5.4 % of the UK’s milk quota.
So far the herds of 58 Arla Foods’ suppliers with a total production of 52 million kg have been culled. Arla Foods receive 900 million kg milk in the UK.