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German milk for Sweden

Press Release   •   Oct 06, 2003 11:19 CEST


When the German discount chain Lidl last week opened around ten new stores in Sweden, customers found milk from Germany in the chilled cabinets.

The Swedish dairy companies, including Arla Foods, have refused to supply milk to Lidl which wanted to sell milk under the discount chain’s own label.

According to the Swedish press, Lidl now ships German milk to the chain’s central warehouses in Halmstad from where it is distributed to Lidl stores.

The milk, which has a shelf-life of approx. two weeks, is discounted by SEK 1 to 1½ compared to Swedish milk.

The launch in Sweden marks a further step in Lidl’s international expansion.

Lidl recently opened its first stores in Finland and is set to open a further 10-12 shops in Denmark next year.
The aim here is to operate approx. 100 Danish discount stores corresponding to approx. 10% of the Danish discount market for staple foods.

Lidl, which has approx. 4,200 shops around the world, is the world’s second largest discount chain.

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