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Hackers attack Arla Foods in Greece

Press Release   •   Nov 14, 2002 12:26 CET

A recent hacker attack on Arla Foods Hellas in Athens has created havoc for 30 staff who had all e-mails and documents deleted from their computers.
During the subsequent recovery operation, between 10-20,000 documents had to sorted through.

Erik Folden, General Manager of Arla Foods Hellad, explains.
“Two weeks ago our external IT consultant told us to change our password. However, when we arrived at work the following morning the staff could not access their files and we quickly suspected a hacker attack. We now know that a person with considerable IT knowledge has interfered with our system. We have reported the matter to the police for further investigation.”

Although Arla Foods’ Greek system is now up and running again, another 3-4 weeks will be required before all relevant files have been re-established. A number of confidential documents have, however, been irrevocably lost.