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Harmonie range makes headway in the UK

Press Release   •   Jan 21, 2000 16:16 CET

Sales of MD Foods' organic range, Harmonie, are rising steadily in the UK.

"Overall sales of organic milk products are going well, particularly butter and fromage frais," says Laurent Ponty, project manager for organic milk products at MD's UK Division.

In late summer 1999, MD Foods launched a series of new, organic milk products in the UK market, including a blue mould cheese, a cream cheese, a fromage frais (a children's dessert) and fresh milk. MD also sells organic butter and an organic version of Lurpak Spreadable in the UK.
Although organic milk and dairy products account for a modest 1.5% of the total sales of dairy products, the potential for these types of products is illustrated in sales growth of some 40% year on year.

"Compared to our foreign competitors, MD has been a frontrunner with regard to organic milk products," said Ponty. "In a market as small as this, with relatively little shelf-space available, it is vitally important to be first."
To be able to influence the requirements for organic milk products in the UK, MD Foods recently joined the Soil Associations' Processor Committee. The influential Soil Association certifies approximately 70% of the UK's organic milk & dairy products.

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