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Important order of 50 kg

Press Release   •   Apr 06, 2001 13:21 CEST

Arla Foods Ingredients has received the first order for a new product known as cGMP. Under development for some years, the product is a milk protein with a variety of properties, including some which may help sufferers of Föllings disease. Victims of the illness lack the ability to digest ordinary proteins and, in the long-term, are subject to various degrees of mental retardation.

The 50 kg order comes from China which has an above average number of cases. For these sufferers, some of whom face an early death, cGMP may become an important alternative to other, more expensive, products. As the effect of the new product is to a great extent dependent on hygienic standards during the production processes, Arla Foods is currently taking out patents for the technology required for production of the cGMP protein.