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Inga serves the world

Press Release   •   Oct 15, 2001 18:52 CEST

In an open kitchen at the corner of Arla Foods’ Anuga stand, visitors from across the world sample cheese and dishes featuring dairy products.

The kitchen is an integral part of the stand where visitors can get to know Arla Foods’ range of dairy products for cooking and observe the preparation of dishes containing dairy products by chef Inga Lisa Holst.

“Although it’s only 17% (fat) it has a stronger taste!” exclaims Inga, one of the stand’s many German visitors when sampling the Swedish low-fat cheese Magré and Adam.

Throughout the fair, products and dishes are constantly being changed. This morning, the sample menu comprised lettuce with shredded cheese while during the afternoon, pasta was served with tapenade and basil.

The stand is proving very popular with visitors who, regardless of where they come from, are eager to taste and ask questions about the products.

“The visitors tend to be particularly happy with the hot dishes,” Inga Lise Holst. “They often ask about where they can purchase the products.”
Inga Lise Holst offers Anuga visitors samples of Arla Foods’ products – prepared in the Arla Foods’ stand’s open kitchen.