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International award for advertising campaign

Press Release   •   Jun 24, 2002 13:23 CEST

Sliced cheese is a new thing in Sweden, and Arla's prize-winning campaign presented some amusing suggestions for the use of a "cheese-slicer" which is now superfluous.

Arla Foods’ advertising campaign for sliced cheese in the Swedish market has won top prize in the international advertising competition, International Food and Beverage, Creative Excellence Awards, which took place in London recently.

Arla Foods won the ”poster” category within dairy products.

As sliced cheese is less popular in Sweden than in Denmark, the campaign presented some amusing suggestions for using the product.

Product Manager for sliced cheese in the Sweden Division, Olga Teouch, sees the award as proof that Arla Foods’ advertising campaigns match the best in the international arena.

She says that the campaign has had a strong impact on sales of sliced cheese since its launch in October. Although sliced cheese accounts for only a small percentage of the total sales of firm cheese, sales during the campaign doubled.

1,440 advertisements from 45 countries took part in the competition.