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International Space Station (ISS)

Press Release   •   Aug 30, 2001 12:46 CEST

One of the places where a possible Arla Foods’ cheese may be consumed is at an ISS space station.

ISS floats 407km above the earth.

The station is 108m long and the size of its interior corresponds to the cabins of two jumbo jets – although it is home to only seven people at a time.

ISS weighs 450 tons and receives all its energy requirements from solar shields attached to the hull.

It will take a total of 43 space flights to carry all building material to the space station.

The objective of ISS is to gain more knowledge of how the human body is affected by weightlessness. This is important for next-generation space flights to, e.g., Jupiter and Mars.

The station will be built in a joint venture between US, Canada, Russia and several European countries. The ISS project will involve both Russian cosmonauts and American/European astronauts.