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Last feta from Grøndal

Press Release   •   Dec 06, 2001 12:03 CET

The sixteen remaining staff at Grøndal Dairy are currently engaged in running down the dairy’s feta stores.

During negotiations with the Danish competition authorities in 1999, the sale of Grøndal Dairy to a competitor was a pre-condition for the authorities’ approval of the merger between the then MD Foods and Kløver Mælk. Consequently, with effect from March 1, 2002, the dairy will be taken over by F. Uhrenholt Dairy A/S, one of Denmark’s largest private exporters of dairy products.

In the period up to the final production day under the Arla Foods’ umbrella in November, Grøndal Dairy built up a stock of 2,000 tons feta, the equivalent of two months’ sales. This is sufficient until Bislev Dairy takes over production entirely.
”The immense loyalty shown by the staff has meant that we’ve been able to run normal production until the very last day,” said Dairy Manager Jesper Thomsen.

Most of Grøndal Dairy’s 40 employees have found new jobs. 14 will join F. Uhrenholdt Dairy A/S while three have been employed elsewhere within the Arla Foods group.