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Lower milk prices worldwide

Press Release   •   Sep 26, 2002 15:01 CEST


Kaj Ole Pedersen, Chairman of the Danish Dairy Board, noted that the 2001 milk price paid to Western milk producers was the highest for several years, when he spoke to the Board’s Annual General Meeting last week. However, due to falling prices in international markets, milk prices are once again on the decline.

Following an unusually strong year for dairy products, price falls for butter and skimmed milk powder in recent months have caused the New Zealand Fonterrra group to expect a 30% fall in the milk price for the current year.
In the US, falls of 15% on the year are expected. And in the UK milk producers have held a series of demonstrations against the record low milk prices.

July figures show that German milk producers, who benefited significantly from favourable trends in 2001, face cuts in the on account price for milk of some 13 %, while Holland is expected to see falls of approximately 7%.

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