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Lurpak butter with Læsø salt

Press Release   •   Oct 15, 2004 15:03 CEST


Lurpak, the global butter brand, is available with salt from Læsø.

Arla Foods has entered into an untraditional partnership with Læsø Saltsyderi, the makers of Denmark’s most expensive salt by using an open fire method dating back to the Middle Ages.

Following 18 months’ product development, Læsø Saltsyderi is now supplying 5 tons salt per annum to Arla. The deal will increase Læsø Saltsyden’s annual production from 40 to 45 tons per annum.

“Consumers know that Lurpak is a quality product. Nevertheless, it is still necessary to continue to strengthen a classic brand like Lurpak. Lurpak butter is losing market share and is under increasing pressure from competitors,” says Product Manager Laurent Ponty, Arla Foods, who expects Lurpak butter with Læsø Salt to achieve a 3-4% of the Danish butter market in the longer-term.

The new product is also expected to make consumers more aware of traditional Lurpak butter.

Salt producer Poul Christensen from Læsø Saltsyderi has no misgivings about working with a company the size of Arla Foods. He considers that a certain capacity is necessary to compete in world markets. And small firms are not necessarily better because they are small.

“The media tends to highlight problems and presents them in a one-sided way,” says Poul Christensen, who is proud of the new products. “There is nothing wrong with size and strength providing you behave properly.”

“Denmark is the world’s best butter producer and Lurpak butter is the pride of Danish agriculture. Lurpak with Læsø Salt will appeal to consumers who consider that butter is a tasty experience in itself.”

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