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Lurpak for Norway

Press Release   •   Jan 27, 2000 13:38 CET

Lurpak Spreadable will now be launched in Norway as Lurpak Smørbar. Although many Norwegians are already familiar with the Lurpak name and Lurpak Spreadable from visits to Denmark and the UK, Norway's import quotas for cheese and butter, designed to protect the domestic dairy industry, have prevented Lurpak from being listed by Norwegian supermarkets. However, as there are no quotas for spreadables like Lurpak Spreadable, the product is highly attractive to Norwegian retailers. Two of the largest have already listed the product and the first packs of Lurpak Spreadable will be on the shelves within the next two weeks.

In general, Norwegian consumers are expected to associate Lurpak Smørbar with good food and Danish rye bread (Smørrebrød), which is very popular in Norway.