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Lurpak in small portions

Press Release   •   Oct 30, 2003 15:59 CET

During the coming week Arla Foods will launch a new type of packaging containing six 50g portion packs of Lurpak in Denmark.

The event marks the first time in several years for Arla Foods to launch a new packaging for salted Lurpak in Denmark and takes place at a time when butter is experiencing something of a renaissance following a decade where other fats, including the blend, Spreadable, have dominated the market, outselling conventional Lurpak butter by four to one. Recently, however, sales of spreads have weakened by a few per cent a year, while butter sales have gone up. In the last year alone sales of butter increased by 11%.

”As consumers cut back on fat in their daily lives, they want the best when they do use them,” said Laurent Ponty, Product Manager for butter and spreads. “That’s why they opt for butter.”

While the practical ”six-pack” is a novelty in the Danish market, the type has been familiar to Middle Eastern consumers for the past year. Here the product has contributed to giving Lurpak an even higher profile in the market.

”Sales of Lurpak are rising and local consumers find the packaging economical because it’s easy to use and keeps the contents fresh and protected,” explained Rasmus Hansen, Product Manager for Lurpak in the Middle East.

In its first year, 250 tons of the new product was sold in the Middle Eastern region. Rasmus Hansen expects this figure to double during the coming year.