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Lurpak Spreadable cartons go up in smoke

Press Release   •   Feb 28, 2003 10:58 CET

Packaging worth millions of kroner was lost when a fire devastated Arla Foods’ packaging store in Holstebro last Thursday.

The fire started in a factory building which Arla Foods uses to store packaging for butter and blended products. The packaging was dispersed over several departments with one section so badly affected that all packaging was destroyed. It has not yet been established whether the remaining packaging is useable.

Smoke from the fire in the packaging store could be seen in Herning, almost 30 km
from Holstebro. Photo: Ole Mortensen

Counting the cost
So far the fire has cost DKK 10 million in damaged packaging and may cost DKK 6 million more if the remaining packaging proves unuseable.
The fire produced an intense, black cloud of smoke which covered large areas of Holstebro. However, according to the police, the smoke was not toxic. No-one was injured.


Cause unknown
The reason for the fire is still to be determined, but Holstebro Police are working on the theory that the fire started in the building’s roof during the laying of roofing felt.
The fire will not affect supplies to key markets for butter and blended products and the launch of the new Lurpak Spreadable with yoghurt in the Danish market on Monday will go ahead as planned.
Immediately after the fire, the dairy despatched express orders to packaging suppliers so that the necessary supplies of packaging are assured.

Holstebro Dairy produces approx. 90,000 tons butter and blended products per year.